I could probably sit here and tell you that every session or every wedding I shoot is my favorite….but I MEAN IT with this one!!! Crista was the coolest bride…the ideal bride!! She was so laid back and caring about me, her family and of course her man!


The wedding was way way back in the day (I swear one day my blog will be up to date) at Caprock Winery in Lubbock, TX.  The weather was nasty all day right up to the ceremony, then gave me a beautiful overcast to work with!! Even though my hair looked like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show from the humidity….my lighting was just gorgeous! I truly loved every minute I spent at this wedding!JHP_7387JHP_7579JHP_7683JHP_8004JHP_8084JHP_8266

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I love running mini sessions! They are probably one of my favorite type of sessions!! I plan a few sessions back to back, all day long, about 20-30 minutes each.  They are so ideal for kids who are over it after half an hour (and those husbands, too!) haha


Here’s a few favorites from my first round of minis last year!


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I wish I could start this blog off a little happier or on a better note.  May 16th of this year we found out we are having another baby!! YAY!!

We had a lot of up and downs with her Dr visits (yes, another girl!).  Sadie Anne had a heart arrhythmia that caused a lot of concerns for my Dr and myself.  We did the DNA test that came back clear and showed no chromosomal abnormalities.  Such a huge relief!!

However, when I was 19 weeks I woke up to a flat stomach.  Now, lets be honest….my stomach is never “flat” per say…but it wasn’t the same baby bump I had before.  I ran to the Dr’s office and had to ask for a heartbeat check.  After my jerk of a nurse

This was on  Friday, August 28th.  I wasn’t able to deliver her until Monday – the 31st.  The crappiest and hardest day of my life.

We are picking up the pieces and learning this new “norm” of a life that God has handed to us.  It’s a battle everyday. Every night. I know that we will be able to get through this.  That we will one day be reunited with our little girl.  That Kylie will meet her sister that she was SO excited to meet.

I know that this child was never mine, but God’s.  That is one thing that I have told myself over and over.  I also have learned to not take everything in life so sensitive and for granted.


Please bare with me on updating my blog (once again).  Life is getting back together.


Thank you.

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