I wish I could start this blog off a little happier or on a better note.  May 16th of this year we found out we are having another baby!! YAY!!

We had a lot of up and downs with her Dr visits (yes, another girl!).  Sadie Anne had a heart arrhythmia that caused a lot of concerns for my Dr and myself.  We did the DNA test that came back clear and showed no chromosomal abnormalities.  Such a huge relief!!

However, when I was 19 weeks I woke up to a flat stomach.  Now, lets be honest….my stomach is never “flat” per say…but it wasn’t the same baby bump I had before.  I ran to the Dr’s office and had to ask for a heartbeat check.  After my jerk of a nurse

This was on  Friday, August 28th.  I wasn’t able to deliver her until Monday – the 31st.  The crappiest and hardest day of my life.

We are picking up the pieces and learning this new “norm” of a life that God has handed to us.  It’s a battle everyday. Every night. I know that we will be able to get through this.  That we will one day be reunited with our little girl.  That Kylie will meet her sister that she was SO excited to meet.

I know that this child was never mine, but God’s.  That is one thing that I have told myself over and over.  I also have learned to not take everything in life so sensitive and for granted.


Please bare with me on updating my blog (once again).  Life is getting back together.


Thank you.

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Ahhhh, I just love being an aunt!! I have 2 awesome nephews & 3 beautiful nieces!! They are so much fun and the best cousins to Kylie!


Gracie is about to turn 1yr, but we are going to ignore the fact that I’m almost a year late on blogging this (hey, hey….it’s been a crazy year!) So, here are a few of my sweet niece Gracie! I can’t wait to see this girl grow up! She will move mountains!


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Ok, remember me talking about THIS wedding and how much I just love this family!? Well, I have the privilege of photographing their son’s upcoming wedding!

Payden and Brenda are two sweet people that make my job easy! I know I say that about a lot of my clients…but seriously – these two just take it to a whole new level! We just went to one field…ONE!! That’s all it took for them to light up the camera and get every photo we needed for their engagements!

Enjoy these engagements and stay tuned for the bridals and wedding!!


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